Altaf Gauhar’s shocking revelations

This is reference to an article written by Ayub Khans former Secretary Information, which was published in The Nation on 18 August 1997. There are two disturbing revelations which need to be probed. Altaf Gauhar recalls former PM Feroze Khans reluctance to give Ayub Khan an extension of four years as C-in-C prompted the general to collude with Iskandar Mirza to put an end to parliamentary rule in Pakistan. PM was in favor of promoting General Sher Ali after Ayub’s tenure expired in 1959. Gauhar also reveals role of intelligence agencies in this covert adventure and their lack of professional competence during 1965 war. His revelation about creation of NSC by Gen Yahya Khan with Major Gen Umar as second in command to control the intelligence operation which was meant to ensure that no political party should get an overall majority in the general election is shocking. Gauhar also relates an incidence where Gen Akbar who was the head of the ISI and with whom I had good relations when I was in service, requested me that I should introduce him to some Bengali academics and journalists. The ISI was trying to infiltrate into inner circles of the Awami League. Had I given him any names they too have been put on Rao Farman Alis hit list of Bengali intellectuals.

Altaf refutes Gen Aslam Begs claim on solemn oath before the SC that ISI got involved in the internal politics of the country only after a special cell was created by PM Bhutto in 1975 is a culpable attempt at concealing the truth and distorting the record of the operations of the military intelligence agencies since independence.


Lahore, May 21.

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