ASFAT Selects SSI For Pakistan’s Jinnah Class Frigate

ASFAT (Askeri Fabrika ve Tersane İşletme A.Ş.), a state-owned leading Turkish defense contractor, has selected SSI ShipConstructor as the engineering and detailed design solution as part of their design support for the Pakistani Navy Jinnah Class Frigate program.

Founded in 2018 as part of the Turkish Ministry of National Defense, ASFAT is responsible for developing, managing, and utilizing the public naval shipyards in Turkey and providing design, construction, sustainment, and training for both Turkish and foreign navies.

“We’re excited to be working with a leader in the Turkish defense industry. ASFAT has previously demonstrated its commitment to innovative technologies. By choosing SSI’s solution, they can take advantage of the latest innovations, reduce costs, and eliminate many of the typical change management risks present in naval projects.”

Darren Larkins, SSI co-CEO
ASFAT Selects SSI for Pakistan’s Jinnah Class Frigate
Jinnah class frigate rendering (SSI image)
The Jinnah class frigate project’s needs demanded a solution that could be implemented quickly and return value as soon as possible. The use of SSI’s solutions also aligns ASFAT with global leaders from the US, Canadian, and other naval and coast guard shipbuilders currently designing, constructing, and delivering vessels for navies.

ASFAT was aided in making its decision by SSI’s Turkish Partner, TECNOR, whose local industry knowledge, shipbuilding experience, and sales and technical support will help ensure a smooth transition for ASFAT.

April 2022

Source: Naval News

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