Crescent and Star-2022’: Pakistan, Turkish militaries hold joint combat drills in Karachi

Pakistani, and Turkish special forces took part in a week-long joint exercise in the Sindh capital that concluded over the weekend (December 25).

In a statement (in Turkish), the Ministry of National Defense of the Republic of Turkey said “Heroes of friendly countries are together for ‘Crescent and Star’! The drills dubbed Crescent and Star-2022 were held with the participation of underwater attack (SAT) teams from the Turkish Naval Forces and Iqbal Teams from the Pakistan Navy, it further said.

It was reported that the two sides engaged in drills aimed to increase the interoperability between the naval forces of both countries, and to develop cooperation in the military field.

The drills kicked off on December 19 and concluded on December 25.

Meanwhile, Director General Public Relations Pakistan Navy has not shared any development on the drills, contrary to previous events which were shared on official handles

Islamabad and Ankara are engaged in combat exercises as ties between the two sides have reached new heights in recent years.

28 December , 2022

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