GIDS Unveils Pakistan’s Anti-Ship Cruise Missile, Multi Launch Rocket System And Armed UAV at ADEX 2022

Pakistan’s elite & largest state-owned defence conglomerate, GIDS represents the hub of Pakistan’s core R&D activities in the defence domain also offering a broad array of systems for military application (already in-service with Pakistan’s Armed Forces), GIDS product portfolio comprises an extensive range of systems & services in the domains of Air, Land, Sea, NBC Defence & Security.

Global Industrial & Defence Solutions (GIDS) showcases several weapon systems at ADEX, Azerbaijan. Those weapon systems includes:

1: Shahpar-II Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle

Shahpar-ll is a medium altitude long endurance unmanned aircraft with armed capability. It has a modular airframe structural design comprising of advanced composite and metallic hybrid structure with an improved aerodynamic design.

Shahpar-II Drone Pakistan
Shahpar-II armed dr
Some of the notable features of the Shahpar system include autonomous take-off and landing system, a robust autopilot scheme, a user-friendly and comprehensive mission planning, and management software suite, reliable data links, and the capability of integrating various types of EO payloads.

2: Fatah-1 Multi Launch Rocket System

The MLRS FATAH-I is an advanced guided rocket system characterized by fast reaction, long range, high accuracy, and firepower of high density. Its mission is to precisely attack and destroy the enemy’s group and area targets, such as military bases, massive armored troops, missile launching sites, large airports, harbors, and other important facilities.

Main Specifications

Range: 140 Km
Accuracy: CEP < 50m
Rockets per MLV: 8

3: Harbah Anti-Ship Cruise Missile

Harbah is a Navy Ship Launched Subsonic Cruise Missile system able to target Enemy Ships and Land-based targets within an accuracy of ≥10m radius. It employs cutting-edge navigation technologies such as Inertial Navigation System ( INS ) with GPS / GLONASS making it an exceptionally accurate weapon system to precisely engage the desired targets.

Harbah Anti-Ship Cruise Missile
Harbah Anti-Ship Cruise Missile
It is capable of engaging land-based installations as well as both small and large ships. Harbah has a modular design, allowing a wide variety of warhead, guidance, and range capabilities. Harbah is all-weather capable and flies at lower altitudes which makes it impossible for countermeasures to come into play, making it one of the deadliest systems.

Salient Features

Medium Range
Highly Precise Navigation
All weather Operation
High Hit Probability
Smart Size and Weight High Survivability
Easier Ground Handling
4: Burq Air to Ground Missile (AGM)

Burq is a Semi-Active Laser Guided Air to Ground Missile ( AGM ). It has the capability to precisely attack enemy personnel, light and armored vehicles, bunkers, and buildings with high integration levels, superior fire accuracy, and better reliability.

The semi-active laser seeker and cutting-edge navigation technologies make it an exceptionally accurate and distinguished weapon system to precisely engage moving and static targets.

September 2023

Source: Defensetalks

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