Imran claims dialogue on with ‘establishment’

LAHORE: Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Chair­man Imran Khan confirmed on Sunday that dialogue was underway with the powers-that-be to find a solution to the political crisis prevailing in the country, following the ouster of the PTI government in April through a no-confidence vote.

The remarks came in res­p­onse to the statement made by Prime Minister She­hbaz Sharif wherein he claimed that the government had snu­bbed an offer by Imran Khan suggesting consensus over the appointment of the new army chief after the ret­irement of Gen­e­ral Qamar Javed Bajwa in November. The offer was rejected by the government, as it was the “prerogative of the prime minister to make such an appointment in light of the Constitution”, said the prime minister in response to a que­s­tion on Saturday evening.

Editorial: Establishment has only itself to blame for exposing spy chief to Imran’s trenchant criticism

The PTI chairman resu­med his march from Mur­dike in the morning and halted it near Sadhoki after a reporter identified as Sadaf Naeem fell off the container and was crushed to death. Her death prompted a “shocked” Khan to come down from the container and suspend the journey before reaching its destination in Sadhoki.

Also on Sunday, a police constable, Liaqat Ali, died of cardiac arrest during the march duty near Muridke. He belonged to the Sheikhupura police.

In his speech from atop the container, the ex-premier targeted the incumbent PM and termed him a ‘boot-polisher’ for his purported proximity to the establishment.

Addressing the participants of the long march, the PTI chairman said he did not send an offer to PM Sharif for talks.

“What [power] do you have that I approach you for talks,” the PTI chairman quipped. “I have talked to and am still talking to those, whom you used to visit for meetings in the boot of your vehicle,” Mr Khan said in reference to alleged meetings between Mr Sharif and the establishment.

October 31, 2022


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