Imran urges President Alvi to take note of ‘brazen meddling in politics’ by state institutions

Imran KhanCourtesy: Jawad Zakariya wikicommons

LAHORE: Former prime minister and Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has urged President Arif Alvi to take note of alleged interference by the intelligence agencies and the establishment in political affairs and seek an explanation from the “black sheep” operating in state institutions.

In a letter written to the president on January 29, Imran said, “Today, the PTI Core and Parliamentary Committees met and unanimously passed a resolution requesting you as the President and the Supreme Commander of the armed forces to take note of brazen interference by intelligence agencies and some other sections of the establishment in the political sphere”.

“The most recent reflection of this was the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa governor’s statement saying he could not give a date for the elections to the K-P legislature, as that would be given by the intelligence agencies and the establishment,” he added.

The resolution further drew the president’s attention to the “brazen acts of abductions, sham FIRs, custodial torture and threats being meted out to the PTI workers and leaders”.

“The resolution calls on you [President Alvi] to take notice and take action against all these actions that contravene the Constitution, laws of the land and fundamental human rights,” it added.

On January 29, the PTI chief chaired a meeting of the PTI Core and Parliamentary Committees, which was attended by PTI Vice Chairman Shah Mahmood Qureshi, General Secretary Asad Umar and other party leaders.

On this occasion, the meeting unanimously passed a resolution, which stated that the PTI leadership drew the attention of the President of Pakistan and the Supreme Commander of armed forces to the statement of Governor K-P that an election date for the KP Assembly would be given by the agencies and establishment.

“The PTI leadership calls on the President to take notice of this growing interference by the intelligence agencies and other sections of the establishment in the political sphere. In addition, he must take note of FIRs, abductions, custodial torture and threatening phone calls against the PTI workers and leaders, being carried out at the behest of these black sheep in state organisations. This was bringing infamy on our military, which would lead to strengthening our external enemies and fifth columnists in Pakistan,” it added.

In the resolution, the PTI leadership also called on the president to not just take notice of these excesses, constitutional violations and total destruction of all fundamental human rights, but to seek an explanation forthwith against the “black sheep” identified repeatedly by the party leadership and independent media.

Meanwhile, speaking to the media PTI Senator Azam Khan Swati raised a series of question over the current chaotic political and economic situation of the country.

He questioned who is responsible for destroying the country’s economy?

“Who is ruining peace of Pakistan? Who is earning bad name for the state and its armed forces through his actions? Who is above law the law,” argued Swati.

He underscored that there is a dire need of struggle for real freedom in Pakistan and said that every Pakistani citizen has to play his role and participate in the real freedom struggle.

“Today nation asks who was murderer of seasoned journalist Arshad Sharif. Today, people ask who ordered arrest of Imran Riaz Khan and Sheikh Rashid. If these arrests can bring stability and prosperity in the country, I am ready to get arrested,” he maintained while condemning arrests and FIRs against PTI leaders and workers.

February 02,2023


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