Many nations keen on JF 17 Thunder

Egypt and Bolivia have expressed interest in buying JF-17 Thunder
Block 3 aircraft. According to the report, Argentina, Iraq, Azerbaijan
and others also want to buy these advanced fighter jets. Next year,
the number of JF-17 Thunder aircraft in the world will increase to 200.
Currently, more than 150 JF-17 Thunder aircraft are in use by
Pakistan, Myanmar, and Nigeria. Many countries have closely
watched the JF Thunder aircraft at the Bahrain International Airshow.
The JF-17 Thunder was also the center of attention at the
International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition held in Zhuhai,
China. The Block 3 version of the fighter is equipped with advanced
radars, digital systems, advanced avionics, lethal weapons. The JF-
17 Thunder is the cheapest multi-role fighter for the developing world
at $15 to $25 million. Pakistan Air Force plans to induct more than 50
JF-17 Thunder Block 3 into the fleet. Pakistan Air Force currently
operates more than 135 JF-17 Thunder aircraft. This national pride of
the Pakistan Air Force played an important role in the war against
terrorism. In addition, the report added that the JF-17 Thunder jet
defeats the Indian offensive, and shoots down an Iranian-made drone
in 2017.

Source: Jasarat

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