‘Nawaz re-employed 74 retired army officers’

ISLAMABAD, Oct 15: The record placed before the National Assembly on Friday showed that ousted prime minister Nawaz Sharif patronized retired military officers and civilian bureaucrats with re-employment on lucrative posts.

The record showed that the policy of patronization pursued by the former premier was no different from that pursued in the post-1999 period.

According to interviews with serving officials, the policy to re-employ retired officers not only blocks the promotion prospects of career officers, but also creates disgruntlement in the rank and file of the departments where lateral entrants are most often appointed on senior posts.

The record pertaining to the re-employments done during the last two years of Nawaz Sharif era was presented to the House when MNA Mehnaz Rafi questioned the re-employment of retired officers in federal government from 1997 to 1999.

The record showed that 74 military and 66 civilian officers were re-employed after their retirement in the said period. Following are the names of the military officers re-employed from 1997-1999:

Air Marshal (retired) Shafiq Haider; Maj-Gen (retired) Sikander Hayat Khan; Lt-Gen (retired) Lehrasab Khan; Lt-Gen (retired) Iftikhar Ali Khan; Maj-Gen (retired) Inayatullah Khan Niazi; Lt-Gen (retired) Javed Nasir; Maj-Gen (retired) Jamshed Malik; Maj-Gen (retired) Ahmad Ali; AVM (retired) Khuda Dad Khan; Maj-Gen (retired) Ijaz Ahmed; Maj-Gen (retired) Mohsin Ahmed Vahidy; Maj Gen (retired) Mohammad Arshad Chaudhry; Maj-Gen (retired) Hidayatullah Khan Niazi; Brig (retired) Mohammad Ziafal; Brig (retired) MA Pervez Zaka; Brig (retired) Shakeel Ahmed; Brig (retired) Abdul Hai; Brig (retired) Saghir Hussain; Brig (retired) Jehangir Malik; Lt-Col (retired) Bashir Ahmed; Capt (retired) Mohammad Arif; Lt-Col (retired) Mohammad Umar Farooq; Lt-Col (retired) Jawed Akhtar; Maj (retired) Shahid Maqbool; Maj (retired) Mohammad Mukhtar; Maj (retired) Mehboob Hussain; Lt-Gen (retired) Mumtaz Gul; Maj-Gen (retired) Agha Masood Hasan; Maj-Gen (retired) Saeed Ahmed Wahla; Maj-Gen (retired) Syed Riaz Bokhari; Rear Admiral (retired) Javed Iftikhar; Lt-Gen (retired) Arshad Mahmood; Brig (retired) Javed Abbas Chaudhry; Maj-Gen (retired) Hamid Hasan Butt; Brig (retired) Jaffar Khan; Col (retired) Ross Mehmood; Brig (retired) Mushtaq Ali; Col (retired) Abdullah Haroon; Commodore (retired) Anwar Mohiuddin; Brig (retired) Shadab Ali Khan; Brig (retired) Khalid Majeed; Maj (retired) Rashid Warraich; Lt-Col (retired) Sultan Ahmed; Lt-Col (retired) Mohammad Ibrahim; Lt-Col (retired) Bashir Ahmed; Col (retired) Saeed Anwar; Lt-Col (retired) Manzoor Hussain; Col (retired) Sher Ali Khan; Col (retired) SK Tressler; Lt-Col (retired) Mohammad Iqbal Khan Niazi; Lt-Col (retired) Sahibzada Faheem Noor; Sqn Ldr (retired) M. Akhtar Arain; Maj (retired) Mohammad Khalid; Maj (retired) Khaliquz Zaman Kiani; Sqn Ldr (retired) Imtiaz Ali; Maj (retired) Salim Akhtar; Maj (retired) Zulfiqar Ahmed Bhatti; Lt Cdr (retired) Farooq A Malik; Maj (retired) Sher Ghani; Lt Cdr (retired) Abdul Mateen; Maj (retired) Jamil Ahmad; Lt-Gen (retired) Nasim Rana; Lt-Gen (retired) Javed Ashraf; Lt-Gen (retired) Sardar Ali; Rear Admiral (retired) Tanveer Ahmad; Maj-Gen (retired) Viqarul Haq Khalid; Maj-Gen (retired) Mohammad Ziaul Haq; Brig (retired) Imtiaz Ahmed Khan; Brig (retired) CA Rahim; Maj (retired) Qalb-i-Abbas Kazmi; Air Marshal (retired) Aliuddin.

The civilian officials of BPS 18 and above re-employed from 1997 to 1999 included Mazharul Haq Siddiqi; Amir Nawaz Khan; Dr Mahmood Ahmad; Shamim Ahmad Khan; Mian Saqib Nisar; Tawfiq Fehmi; Justice (retired) Abdur Rehman; Justice (retired) Mohammad Aqil Mirza; MM Khan; Dr Sahibzada Masood Ali; Khumar Khan Mahsud; Ghulam Mohammad Sialvi; Zulfiqar Khan; Noor Mohammad Magsi; Mohammad Izhar Khan; Mohammad Ashiq Khan; Abdul Haleem Sadiq; Ch Mohammad Ali; Mohammad Sarfaraz Cheema; Syed Iqbal Rizvi; Qadeer Mohammad Qureshi; Darghai L Mangi; Tufail Ahmed Memon; Nasrullah Khan Malik; Justice (retired) Gulbaz Khan; Moinuddin Khan; Adnan Ahmed Ali; Ch Manzoor Ahmad; Malik Zahoor Anwar; Javaid Qayyum Khan; Farogh Naveed; Mian Mohammad Amin; Mohammad Ayub Khan; Syed Muhammad Zafar Babar; Syed Ikram Jafri; Baqir H Naseem; Abdul Hamid Khan; Ali Akbar; Kadir Baksh Umrani; Qazi Mohammad Hussain; Rana Aurangzeb Khan; Tariq Iqbal Khan; Usman Aminuddin; Farooq Nisar; Azhar Lodhi; Justice (retired) Fazal Ilahi Khan; Khalid Javed; Mohammad Pervez Masud; Ch Irshad Ahmad; Ch Mueen Afzal; Riaz Hussain Naqvi; Misbahul Ain Khan; Dr SM Qureshi; Dr Gulfraz Ahmed; Syed Zafar Ali Naqvi; Abdul Khaliq Awan; Malik Mohammad Zahoor; Zulfiqar Khan; Sardar Mohammad Tariq; Farooque A Chaudhry; Mohammad Izhar Khan; Zulfiqar Ali Khan; Sagheer Ahmed; Mohammad Akram Chaudhry; Altaf Saleem; Zakauddin Malik; S.Barkatullah; Manzoor Hussain.

October 16, 2004

Source: Dawn

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