Pakistan Air Force moves into former Islamabad airport

By Editor Feb8,2023 #Pakistan Army

The large apron is now home to No 10 Squadron’s four Il-78 multirole tanker transport aircraft, which can now taxi to the runway without having to manoeuvre around the PAF’s other aircraft. In the near future the PAF’s passenger terminal, which is currently housed inside a small building in the base’s complex, will also be relocated.

There are several shelter areas at the airport that are used for drills or high levels of alert. During the recent stand-off with India, known locally as Operation ‘Swift Retort’, a detachment of PAF JF-17 Thunder fighter aircraft were deployed to the base to defend Islamabad.

The PAF’s Chief of the Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Mujahid Anwar Khan, told Janes he expected more operational squadrons to move to the larger base, including a helicopter unit. It is unclear, however, whether a permanent fighter unit is also expected to move in.

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