Pakistan has vital role in troops withdrawal from Afghanistan: US senator

US Senator Christopher J Van Hollen has said that Pakistan has played an important role in the safe withdrawal of the US troops from Afghanistan.

In an exclusive talk with the state run-TV, he said there were a lot of uncertainties after the US forces withdrawal and it was neither in Pakistan nor in America’s interest to see chaos in Afghanistan.

The senator said, “I foresee an economic opportunity in peace that is both in favour of Afghanistan and its neighbouring states.” He said Pakistan’s influence over Talban was overrated, responding to a question regarding the US insisting Pakistan to “do more” despite all the efforts and sacrifices rendered by the latter. “There is a limit to which Pakistan can influence,” he said.

“Pakistan has already played an important role in bringing the Taliban to the negotiating table. Pakistan’s role in future will influence the Biden administration to engage with Pakistan,” he said. He said the future of Pak-US relations would primarily rely on the role that Pakistan opts to play in Afghanistan.

“People overstate the role of Pakistan in Afghanistan. I don’t think Pakistan can control what will happen in Afghanistan. There are factions, people and parties that have control in Afghanistan,” Senator Hollen said.

August 04, 2021

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