Pakistan monitors Turkey-hosted naval drills in Eastern Mediterranean

ANKARRA: The Eastern Mediterranean 2021 exercise being hosted by the Turkish navy started.

Some 5,000 personnel and 36 ships from 10 countries will participate in the exercise, which runs until November 12, Lt. Col. Cuneyt Talayman said at a briefing on the Turkish navy’s TCG Bayraktar.

Various scenarios will be simulated to prepare public and civil bodies for disaster response efforts, the official said.

The exercise also aims to evaluate the preparedness of the Turkish navy, he added.

Talayman said 26 ships of the Turkish navy will be part of the drills, along with maritime patrol planes, helicopters, and teams of naval special forces.

Turkey’s air force, army, and coast guard will also join the exercises, he added.

The drills will be monitored by 11 observers from Pakistan, Iraq, Bahrain, Libya, Nigeria, Oman and Ukraine.

November 3 , 2021

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