Pakistan warns of ‘pre-emptive measures’ to stop terrorist attacks

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Israr Ahmad
ISLAMABAD/RAWALPINDI – Federal Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah Khan Wednesday warned that the government is not only pursuing a zero toler­ance policy against terrorism but “believes in taking pre-emp­tive measures to prevent terror­ist incidents.”

Addressing a press conference along with Islamabad Police chief Dr Akbar Nasir Khan, the interi­or minister said terrorists will be dealt with iron fist. He, howev­er, said efforts are being made to bring the banned TTP to the ne­gotiation table but they will have to first set aside arms and surren­der before the law and the consti­tution. He said the government is fully committed to purge Pakistan of the menace of terrorism.

The minister said that two ter­rorists, in connection with a viral video of some people claiming to attack the parliament, have also been apprehended by the law en­forcement agencies. He informed that arrested terrorists threat­ening to attack Parliament were identified by police as Daniyal alias Zulfiqar s/o Gul Ameen and Zubair s/o Shamas ur Rehman.

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To a question, he said Afghan-in­terim government will be ap­proached with a request to take action against terrorists operating on their soil.

The remarks of the minister came hours after TTP gave a di­rect threat to the PPP and the PML-N, the two main political parties of the ruling coalition in the centre, amid an uptick of its terror activities through­out the country. The banned group stepped up its terror at­tacks since its announced to end ceasefire in the end of Novem­ber last year.

Rana Sanaullah said that a re­cent meeting of the National Security Committee (NSC) de­vised a clear policy that there were no good or bad terrorists and no talks would be held with any outfit involved in militancy. “Whoever is involved in terror­ism is a terrorist,” he underlined. He added that if the TTP decid­ed to come under the ambit of the Constitution, then the gov­ernment could hold talks with them. The minister said that NSC has outlined a clear policy that there would be “zero-toler­ance” against terrorism. He said that highest level forum relat­ed to security matters also de­cided that no country would be allowed to provide sanctuaries and facilitate terrorist groups.

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He also said that the NSC talk­ed about strengthening the counter terrorism departments (CTD) of all the provinces and to enhance their capability. There is also a proposal of forming a national CTD, he added.

He said that there would be no compromise on the securi­ty of the country and terrorism would be dealt with full force

The interior minister under­lined that 67 percent of the at­tacks took place in Khyber Pa­khtunkhwa and 31 percent in Balochistan during the last year, while Sindh and Punjab wit­nesssed 1 percent attacks each.

He said the government want­ed to deal with the situation in such a manner that the TTP re­mains at the “lowest level” and the number of terrorist inci­dents decrease to a minimum level. Talking about his recent remarks regarding the Afghan Taliban, the interior minister said that he never talked about attacking Afghanistan. He clar­ified that if any terrorist was planning to attack Pakistan, then “we can and should en­gage”. He said the NSC has de­cided that Pakistan would only hold any talks, related to its con­cerns, with the Afghan govern­ment. IGP Islamabad Dr Akbar Nasir Khan speaking on his turn said the terrorist involved in Is­lamabad suicide bombing has been identified and its facilita­tors have been arrested.

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Talking about the welfare of martyrs of the law enforcement agencies, he said a cheque of ten million rupees has been hand­ed over to martyred police con­stable Syed Adeel Hussain. He said an amount of 12.5 million rupees will be given to the wid­ow to procure a house. He said salary, along with all allowanc­es, of the martyred police con­stable will continue to his wid­ow for life and pension for children below 18 years of age. Rana Sanaullah said the gov­ernment has paid the outstand­ing amount of martyrs’ package worth one billion and 220 mil­lion rupees in one go. He said the entire nation salutes mar­tyrs and injured security offi­cials for their courage and sac­rifices to protect lives of the common people. He said a se­nior police officer with a rank of SP has been deputed to solve problems of martyrs’ families.

Speaking on the occasion, IGP Dr. Akbar Nasir Khan said that four to five culprits were in­volved in I-10/4 attack who have been identified due to commit­ted efforts of Islamabad Police, Rawalpindi Police and intelli­gence agencies. esponding to a question, he said that the police department has always rendered its duties in the best possible way and remains alert. For secu­rity of the cops, all available re­sources were being provided to them and were well briefed be­fore assigning any duty, he con­cluded. Radio Pakistan report­ed late Wednesday that Federal Interior Minister Rana Sanaul­lah warned that the government is not only pursuing a zero tol­erance policy against terrorism but “believes in taking pre-emp­tive measures to prevent terror­ist incidents

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