Pakistan’s nuclear system is threatened not by external forces but by internal forces–Urdu Media

Pakistan’s nuclear system is threatened not by external forces but by
internal forces and these forces are Pakistan’s political parties because
political parties are the main cause of instability in the country and when
the country is suffering from political instability or there is an increase in
political chaos, then only such things are heard. Every time the politicians
in the country face each other, the economy is weak, the writ of the state is
weak and above all, there is a debate from certain quarters regarding our
nuclear assets outside Pakistan. There is no doubt in this that there are
countries that are constantly thinking about Pakistan’s nuclear assets and
our arch-nemesis, our neighboring country, India, is at the top of such
countries and always sponsors such campaigns. India establishes a
narrative in tangible and intangible ways. And then it starts talks like that
as the situation in Pakistan is very bad or so bad that there is a state of
civil war and whenever someone detonates a nuclear bomb, all these lies
are spread and the wrong message is conveyed to the world and all this
work is done intensely at that time when the country suffers from political
instability. Months passed, we and all others wrote that political instability,
political chaos should be reduced, politicians should work with reason. But
no one is ready to listen, everyone is interested in their own interests,
everyone is worried about their future. No one cares about the country.
The question arises as to why the situation has reached such a level that
there are negative talks regarding nuclear assets, giving the enemies an
opportunity to make talks. Not only talk, but Pakistan’s enemies got an
opportunity to unite and then the wrong information about this continues to
spread in the world. Our arch-enemy India is so brutal in this matter that it
does not miss any opportunity and believes in lying so much in the case of
Pakistan that people begin to believe the lie to be the truth. India is working
on this strategy with consistency and intensity and we are not able to get
out of internal conflicts and differences. Imran Khan is breaking the
constitution by dragging the institutions and their heads into his dirty
politics. The campaign against the army chief on merit can be the agenda
of the enemies of the country. Political parties should think that the army
does not belong to any political party but to the country. For those who
protect the borders of our country, the country is the most important. Yes, if
the politicians will not solve their problems, there is no point in crying after
the passage of time. (Mohammed Akram Choudhary, Nawa-i-waqt)

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