‘Playboy’: What was the last conversation between Imran Khan and Gen (retd) Bajwa?

In an interaction with the media persons at his Zaman Park residence in Lahore, the former prime minister recalled the meeting and said: “General (retd) Bajwa called me a playboy, and in reply I said to him ‘Yes, I had been a playboy’.”

He, however, didn’t share further as to when that exchange took place between the two.

The PTI chief, while talking about the former COAS, claimed that “Bajwa was stabbing us in the back and also showing sympathy” and that his “set-up is still working in the establishment.”

Khan, without taking the name of the army chief, said: “In Pakistan, the establishment is the name of one person.”

The former premier, who was removed from power through a vote of no-confidence in the National Assembly in April last year, said the former army chief did not want accountability in the country, hence, his relations with Gen (retd) Bajwa worsened.

Referring to a question, Khan said Bajwa was expressing solidarity with him after stabbing him in the back, adding that the latter was against the rule of law in the country.

The former premier accused Bajwa of hiring the services of Husain Haqqani, former Pakistan’s ambassador to the United States, for lobbying in the United States against him.

Haqqani made headlines in 2011 and was sacked after the memogate scandal. He was accused of seeking US action against Pakistan’s military through the so-called memo months after the US raid in Abbottabad in 2011 on Osama Bin Laden’s compound amid an increasing rift between the civilian and military leadership.

He was also accused of issuing visas to Americans without due process, bypassing relevant authorities, and embezzling funds.

The deposed prime minister also claimed that Haqqani launched a campaign against him and had been promoting the former army chief in the US.

January 02,2023

Source: https://www.geo.tv/latest/462377-what-was-the-last-conversation-between-imran-khan-gen-retd-bajwa

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