PTI-Govt talks: ‘All Imran Wants Is An Army Chief Of His Choice’, Claims Journalist

Selection of COAS and not the early election is the key issue in Imran-establishment parleys

The only reason why Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman Imran Khan is holding talks with the government is he wants an army chief of his choice, and it isn’t one bit about the elections, said Shahid Maitla.

“Imran Khan might say that the dialogue is for the elections, but it isn’t true at all,” the journalist said in a YouTube video.

The former premier wants elections held in March or April so that he may form his government with a two-third majority and most likely appoint Gen Faiz Hameed as the chief of the armed forces, he added.

“There is no way for the PTI chairman to have the polls held in March or April. The closest they can get is by September or October.”

According to Maitla, PTI and the government have already had their first round of talks and a second one is also expected.

“The former ruling party wants these talks, especially after the party chief’s disqualification from holding public office.”

President Arif Alvi and Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif both have been stressing the need for continued dialogue between the two sides, though Imran Khan isn’t much hopeful about a positive outcome.

“Who is facilitating these talks? Establishment! Unlike Gen Bajwa’s remarks a day earlier on distancing military from politics.”

October 23, 2022


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