Raheel Sharif allotted 868-kanal land worth Rs1.35 bn in Lahore

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Imran Ehsan & Maqsood Butt

LAHORE: Former chief of army staff General Raheel Sharif has been allotted 868 kanals and 10 marlas of land (about 90 acres) on Bedian Road Lahore, and not just 482 kanals, through the Border Area Committee, reliable sources have disclosed.

The total value of the allotted land is estimated at around Rs1.35 billion. Sources said that Raheel Sharif has been allotted 50 acres of land under his prerogative as a four-star general, and another 40 acres as the chief of army staff. The land is situated in Mauza Rukh Bathant, located along western side of BRB Canal, adjacent to Mauza Heear.

According to the Fard Malkiat (Record of Rights), the Cantt Revenue authorities received the Mutation (Intiqal) orders from the Border Area Committee vide letter No 17408 on Dec 24, 2014 for allotment of the said lands. After entry of the mutation order, the Cantt establishment officer allowed allotment of the lands on Dec 29, 2014. Under Part (copy of government record) No 140805, Serial No 4, Khata (Holding of a Tenant) No 5/15, 43/15, and 108/15, three hundred and eighty-six (386) kanals of land was allotted. Also, under Part No 140811, Serial No 5, Khata No 15/15, 3/151 and 369/15, four hundred and eighty-two kanals and ten marlas of land was allotted. Collectively, this land measures about 90 acres of land, which has been allotted to ex-COAS General Raheel Sharif.

The process of allotment of agricultural lands, commercial plots, DHA lands and distribution of other facilities among the army officers and officials is carried out directly by the General Headquarters (GHQ) through an adjutant general, whose rank is equal to a lieutenant general. Also, a major-general ranked officer heads the Welfare Directorate at the GHQ, who acts as the director-general (DG) of the Welfare Directorate. He conveys the GHQ orders to the respective chairmen of the Border Area Committees in this regard, and ensures implementation of the orders.

All the Border Area Committees across the country have the record of all lands situated along the borders in different villages (Mauza Jaat). All decisions that how much lands would be allotted to an army officer or official are made at the GHQ, which are directly conveyed to the respective chairmen of the Border Area Committees, after approval from the Welfare Directorate.

There are different border area committees comprising various zones in the border areas. Headed by a brigadier or colonel, the committee has an assistant commissioner as its civil member. A revenue officer (tehsildar) and his staff assist the committee.

The land allotment to Gen Raheel has been executed by the Border Area Committee Lahore. Its chairman, Colonel Tabish Sajid, refused to comment when contacted for information about the land allotment policy. Civil member of the committee, Sardar Farrukh Tufail, also did not say anything.

Commenting on the land allotment policy, a senior official of the Board of Revenue said, requesting anonymity, that the provincial board of revenue does not have any authority in this regard. The revenue board allots land on the records of the provincial government to the military officials on a directive received from the GHQ in the light of a letter issued by the chairman of the border area committee concerned.

It is worth mentioning here that the lands situated along borders are part of the provincial land records, but the establishment officers have no authority over the lands situated up to five kilometers along the border. The revenue officer said that the district collector is conveyed the land allotment orders through the Board of Revenue. Then the establishment officer concerned, acting as the collector, approves the allotment of lands. The establishment officer is legally bound to implement the orders of Border Area Committee chairman, and thus he confirms the completion of the allotment process.

An estate agent working in the area said that the price of one acre land along Bedian Road in the said village was estimated at Rs10 million to Rs10.5 million.

Another agent, Haji Zahid bin Sadiq, said that the price of lands in border areas depended on location of the lands. He said people demand Rs6-7 million for one acre of land near BRB Canal. However, Imran Ahmad, another estate agent, said the price of one acre land ranges between Rs9 to 10 million.

A property dealer told The News that after development the worth of this land would be about Rs2.5 billion. Another property dealer, however, said the worth of the land after development would be over Rs4 billion.

January 24, 2017

Source: The News International

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