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There is nothing new about terror threats or terror waves in Pakistan.
As and when there is any such attack, many statements follow saying
befitting and strong “reply” will be given to militants. But, none ever
talks about reasons behind terror attacks in the country and nothing
has ever been done to address and do away with those reasons
behind such attacks. If TTP can make attacks in Pakistan from
Afghanistan, one reason could be the absence of American forces in
Afghanistan today. There are no operations or crackdowns against
TTP nowadays. Several TTP leaders were killed in drone attacks and
those who survived in these attacks, they were waiting for the right
and opportune time to re-group and they found the present time right
one for their re-grouping. There are also indications as per one BBC
report that some extremist forces in Balochistan’s Makran division are
trying to get closer to TTP. According to director, Pakistan Institute of
Peace Studies (PIPS), extremists from Makran division, are not much
known names. The PIPS Director PIPS says these extremists at
Balochistan’s Makran division do not have any history of any such
(extremist) activity in the past. According to director (PIPS), a Taliban
support network existed earlier too but Makran extremists were never
part of that Taliban support network. Incidentally, TTP seems to be
making a mistake by making Pakistan forces as their enemy.
Pakistan forces used to be their /TTP ally during fight against
American forces. Some experts are of the view that TTP thinks that
when they could give tough times to American forces, then Pakistan
forces are much weaker and mean no big threat for TTP. This time
there are indications that law and order conditions can get worse

because TTP’s sleeper cells can get active any time and by this time,
they might have already become active enough. Hence, it will be big
challenge for authorities to keep law and order and maintain peace in

Translations from Sindh Express, Akhtar Hafeez

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