Rising tension between Pakistan and Afghanistan–Urdu media

Tension is rising at the government and state levels between
Pakistan and Afghanistan. The rhetoric between the governments of
the two countries increasing, and it has reached the threat of action
against terrorists in Afghanistan and the verbal response to it. Interior
Minister Rana Sanaullah has clearly said that if the series of attacks
from Afghanistan does not stop, then Pakistan will take action in
Afghanistan. In response to this Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah
Mujahid has warned of serious consequences of any such attempt. At
the same time, an Afghan newspaper has claimed that Pakistan has
carried out an air operation in the Nangarhar area of Afghanistan.
The Foreign Office of Pakistan has strongly denied this report, but the

Kabul government has kept silent on this report. What is the reality of
this report and action and what are the motives behind it will become
clear in the coming days. If this action was done by the government
of Pakistan with the consent of the Taliban government, then its
meaning is something else. And if this action was done by the US or
at the behest of the US ignoring the Taliban government, then it
means something else and the results may be completely different.
This puzzle can only be solved by the Taliban government. There are
elements in Afghanistan who are challenging the writ of the Taliban
and are trying to make Pakistan their target. Regarding such
elements, the Taliban government has announced that eight ISIS
terrorists who attacked the Pakistani embassy have been killed. The
Taliban government’s announcement suggests that there are
elements in Afghanistan who are challenging the Taliban’s mandate
and creating problems for the faltering administration that has yet to
become an internationally recognized government. Daesh is an
organization whose role has also been dubious, including in many
countries of the world including Iraq and Syria. A few months ago,
there was a mysterious increase in terrorist incidents in Pakistan.
Therefore, there were shouts of joy on the television channels of India
that Pakistan is suffering from problems at the hands of its own
creation. Against this backdrop, the author writes that America is
asking Pakistan for bases for air operations in Afghanistan. Afghans
will not be showered with flowers from these bases, they will
inevitably be bombarded. In which there will be collateral damage like
in the past. Afghans will see it as an attack on their sovereignty and
thus Pakistan’s role will become that of the aggressor’s helper instead
of the Afghans’ helper. In such a case, if the two countries have the
idiocy for war, it will be called an attempt to turn the tide of history, the
real purpose of which is to install the signboard of enmity at Torkham.
Then a new history will begin in the name of the first Pak-Afghan war,
in which the history of the Pak-India wars will become insignificant.
War is a bad thing, it is the name of corpses and moans and sobs,
but why is this evil of war is going to be perceived as good at

English translations from Arif Bahar, Jasarat.

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