Saudi aid is conditional–Urdu media

By admin Jan27,2023 #Pakistan #Saudi Arabia

Despite the best efforts, the chances of financial assistance from
Saudi Arabia are disappearing this time. There are reports that Saudi
Arabia now apologizing for direct financial support. According to
which the Saudi authorities have said that they have extended the
period of deposits and are giving oil and other facilities, now Pakistan
will have to reform itself. It has also been said with reference to Saudi

Finance Minister Muhammad Al-Jadaan that Saudi Arabia has
changed its economic policy of direct deposits and grants and taxes
are being imposed on its people, so Pakistan should also do
economic reforms. At present, the slight illusion of Pakistan’s foreign
exchange reserves or if there is any breathing in the Pakistani
economy is due to Saudi Arabia’s deposits. If the money of China, the
United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia is taken out of the treasury,
there is nothing left.

English translations from Arif Bahar, Jasarat

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