Solunox from Pakistan and SIAT from Brazil Join Forces to augment Global Security

By Editor Feb19,2023

Solunox (Pvt.) Ltd. and SIAT Missiles Division formed a powerhouse partnership to enhance global defense capabilities and bring innovative defense technology to the international market.
Solunox (Pvt.) Ltd., a leading manufacturer of defense solutions in South Asia, and SIATT, a renowned producer of missiles and missile systems in South America, will collaborate to create cutting-edge solutions. The partnership aims to integrate Solunox’s expertise in space, air, and marine solutions with SIAT’s mastery of missile technology to deliver highly advanced and effective defense solutions to friendly countries.
“This partnership represents a major step forward in the global defense industry. We are proud to bring together the expertise of two leading defense companies from different parts of the world to offer advanced military solutions to friendly countries,” said Capt. Sajid Ali Khan Tareen, CEO of Solunox (Pvt.) Ltd..
“SIAT Missiles Division is thrilled to partner with Solunox (Pvt.) Ltd.. Our combined efforts will result in highly innovative systems that will benefit the global defense and help ensure the safety of people all over the world,” said Rogerio Salvador, CEO of SIATT.
This historic collaboration is a major milestone for the industry and sets the stage for a new era of innovation and progress. The world will soon be able to take advantage of cutting-edge technology and highly advanced solutions that will keep everyone safe and secure

February 12, 2023

Source: Defencetalks

By Editor

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