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The actions against Pakistan and China in Afghanistan have raised
suspicions about the Taliban government that the same type of
terrorist incidents against these two countries in the same month and
their responsibility is also taken by the same terror group, that is,
Daesh (ISIS). One doubt is that the new government of the Taliban
has been created by the United States. In the talks held in Doha, 5
Taliban leaders were prisoners of Guantanamo Bay prison. 4 of
whom are now Taliban cabinet ministers. Mullah Khairullah
Khairkhaw is the Minister of Information and Culture, Abdul Haq
Wasiq is the Director of Intelligence, Mullah Fazl Mazloom is the
Deputy Defense Minister, Mullanurullah Noori is the Minister of
Border and Tribal Affairs and it is not known what Muhammad Nabi
Qumri is heading. All these people participated in the Doha talks. TheBritish think tank “International Institute of Strategic Studies” has
revealed in its latest report “Strategic Survey 2022” that both the
Afghan Taliban and India are eager to establish mutual and trusting
relations. The report states that the Taliban are interested in ties with
India for three reasons, as they hope that closer political and
economic ties with India will attract foreign investment and boost
regional trade. According to the British intelligence report, the second
reason for establishing a relationship with India is that the Taliban
want to eliminate all threats to their government and the third reason
is that if India recognizes their government, it will be on good terms
with them. The relationship will help Afghanistan in humanitarian aid
and development. India’s ties with the Taliban accelerated after June
2022, when the Taliban’s talks with the Indian Ministry of External
Affairs began. In December, the Taliban announced that they were
allowing India to resume its unfinished projects in Afghanistan. What
is the reason for this love between India and the Taliban? India was
the enemy of the Taliban and has made several films against them in
which the Taliban have been ridiculed. But now the Taliban is allowing
India to complete its 20 unfinished projects, India invested $3 billion
in Afghanistan during Ashraf Ghani’s tenure and unnecessarily
opened consulates in Pak-Afghan border areas. Now the Taliban is
allowing India to complete its unfinished agenda. India has lured the
Taliban that if it recognizes them, the world will recognize them.
America has been forced out of Afghanistan, now it wants to occupy
Afghanistan in another way. For this, America is preparing the
Western-educated class of Afghanistan to compete with the Taliban.
For this America is preparing attacks from all sides. The US
deliberately left Afghanistan in such a state that the people there
could not get a chance to make any decision. Against the
expectations of the pro-US and anti-Taliban Afghan people, the US
left Afghanistan overnight. On the other hand, the extremist behavior
of the Taliban is making people angry with them. For example,
banning women’s education is unacceptable not only for the world but
also for the Muslim world. Moreover, this time America is trapping the
Taliban through India, that is the reason why America has given many
projects to India in Afghanistan. India does not have a permanent
ambassador in Afghanistan, but in charge of affairs, Bharat Kumar is
very intelligent. He has met the Taliban’s Minister of Urban
Development and Housing, Hamdullah Noorani, and convince/told
that if the unfinished projects would complete it will create employment in Afghanistan. While China had made a bigger offer to the Taliban, China’s investment is one trillion dollars compared to
India’s three billion dollars, America wants China’s investment to go
back from Afghanistan. China has invested heavily in Afghanistan
during the US presence in Afghanistan, but after the arrival of the
Taliban, China has offered to build a trade highway on the Wakhan
belt. But China has only one demand from the Taliban that the Taliban
do not give shelter to the fighters of the East Turkestan Islamic
Movement. While America is continuously propagating against China
that “China is violating human rights in Xinjiang and has refused to
give religious freedom to Muslims”. While America is forgetting that
Muslims in India do not have complete freedom to slaughter
according to their religious belief. At this time, the United States is
supporting Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), East Turkestan Islamic
Movement (ETM), Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU), Islamic
Jihad Union, Jamaat Ansarullah, Jundullah, and Turkestan Islamic
Party (TIP) in Afghanistan. In order to spread chaos in China. The
United States has given these organizations the name of the Islamic
State of Khorasan. The scope of which includes from Xinjiang to
Badakhshan province of Afghanistan and some parts of Tajikistan.
Uighur fighters are currently being trained in the Badakhshan
province of Afghanistan. The US has helped these groups a lot during
its occupation of Afghanistan. (Source: Wajih Ahmed Siddiqui, Jasarat)

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