Terrorism from Afghanistan–Urdu media editorials

After the withdrawal of American and NATO troops from Afghanistan
and the establishment of the Taliban government, it was expected
that terrorist attacks on Pakistan would stop from there and the
people of both countries would get a chance to live in peace but the
terrorists of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) started coming back to
Pakistan and started subversive activities in Balochistan, Khyber
Pakhtunkhwa and even in Punjab and Sindh. Not only this, but the
Afghan army itself, which is under the Taliban government, broke the
security fence across the border and opened fire and shelled in
Pakistani territory, killing and injuring many civilians. The Pakistan
Army had to retaliate, causing loss of life and property across the
border as well. Pakistan’s government and armed forces have shown
restraint and tolerance, reminding the Kabul government of its
responsibilities and urging it to desist from provocations, but after the
suicide attack in Islamabad, it seems that the Afghan leadership is
not sincere in stopping the TTP from carrying out the cowardly acts.
The Afghan Taliban government wants that the same atmosphere of
chaos and unrest to be in Pakistan as it is in Afghanistan. In this
background, apart from the federal cabinet, the Corps Commanders’
Conference chaired by Army Chief General Asim Munir has also
expressed a determination to take strict measures to suppress
terrorist activities in the country. (Edit Jang)
 Corp. Commander Conference in which they discussed Post-tragedy
APS commitment is required against terrorism and so on have been
discussed. The Edit has stated that it was the first Corps
Commanders Conference under the leadership of the new Army
Chief General Asim Munir. The statement against terrorism by the
army’s top leadership comes at a time when incidents of terrorism
have increased in Pakistan after the outlawed Tehreek-e-Taliban
Pakistan (TTP) announced the end of the ceasefire. The TTP and the
Government of Pakistan had announced a ceasefire in June this year,
but after the news of the end of the ceasefire last month, the incidents
of terrorism have increased. The Edit further stated that Political
instability must be overcome in the current situation, without which
economic stability will not be possible and without improvement in the
economy, there may be difficulties in matters like the war against

terrorism. After the tragedy of the Army Public School, the
determination that the nation showed against terrorism, the same
determination is urgently needed to fight these two most important
fronts. Jehan Pakistan Edit has added that what is sadder is the
attitude of those powers who, while raising slogans in favor of
terrorism, are anxious to destroy this state by staying there. But when
Pakistan was suffering from terrorism, terrorists were sent from
Afghanistan by India and the tribal areas of Baluchistan were made a
battlefield by the militants. Rather, by provoking the local people
against the state by attacking the tribal areas with drones, it can be
considered as a fiction to block them for a strong response. The Edit
has considered it a dual policy of international powers and expressed
confidence that under leadership of Gen. A new history of success in
the war on terror will be created as the entire nation stands with its
army in fighting against terrorists.

Source:Translations from Urdu daily–Daily Pakistan, Jehan
Pakistan, Naibaat.

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