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The security situation in the southern districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
province of Pakistan is like a war situation. The ongoing war in North
and South Waziristan now spilled over into other districts. The attack
and occupation of Bannu CTD police station is a great example of
this. Although this threat seems to be limited to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
But the threat of terrorism can spread to other provinces as well. The
current situation of terrorism should not be seen in political isolation.
Various reports of our agencies also indicated that the situation is not
good and we have to take extraordinary measures to improve the
security situation. But as a result of the ongoing political war between
the federal and provincial governments, the politics of confrontation,
we didn’t pay that attention to national security issues which we have
to focus more. The challenge of national security and especially
dealing with terrorism is not the work of a single provincial
government but it is a matter related to the efficiency and
transparency of institutions including the federal and provincial
governments. The political division that has taken place in the nation
has also divided the people instead of uniting them. How can our
enemies not take advantage in such a situation? In the context of
national security, the crisis in Afghanistan has also become a
headache for us. There are two opinions in our policy regarding
Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan. Regular written threats are being given
to political and social people in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa or ransom has
been demanded for their lives is also an aspect of concern. The
Afghan Taliban government is weak in dealing with extremists or
suffering from political compromises that is why TTP is taking
advantage of it. Be it Afghanistan or India, we need many challenges

for the improvement of regional relations and especially the overall
attitude of India is also a major obstacle. India wants relations
between us and Afghanistan to deteriorate to such an extent that we
get confused or use force so that India can take advantage of it. If we
confuse or clash with Afghanistan, it will benefit India. To improve
relations with regional countries, we also have to correct our internal
affairs, otherwise the improvement of relations with regional countries
or the process of national security will also be difficult. (Salman Abid,
Daily Express

Terrorist activities are on the rise in the country. For the last few
weeks, some parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan are the
special targets of terrorists. One thing is common in all these attacks,
that their centres are in Afghanistan. Though the present rulers of
Afghanistan have promised that their land will not be used for terrorist
activities against any country, but despite that Afghanistan has
become a safe haven for terrorists. The recent incident of Bannu is
proof of it, where the terrorist who had taken hostage CTD
personnels, were demanding a safe passage to Afghanistan. The
armed forces foiled their plan. The very next day in another incident
armed forces were fired at by terrorists from Afghanistan. Pakistan
has helped Afghanistan at every step for the departure of American
forces from Afghanistan. It was hoped that after the departure of
foreign forces from Afghanistan the situation will change and the
attacks in Pakistan from Afghan land will stop. But unfortunately, our
expectations failed. This is a sign of the weakness of the present
Afghan government. In this situation, Pakistan needs to revise its
policies regarding Afghanistan. (Dunya Daily)

The country is already suffering from the worst in the form of political
turmoil and economic crisis, and now the new wave of terrorism has
opened another door of challenges for the nation. Balochistan and
Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa are the special targets of attacks by enemy
forces of Pakistan, but their attacks also continue in Lahore,
Islamabad, Karachi and other cities. Against this backdrop, the first
priority of the agencies is and should be the chase terrorists. It is not
hidden from anyone that the two countries located on our eastern and
western borders have become the center of terrorism and
conspiracies against Pakistan and our brave armed forces and
intelligence agencies are constantly working to thwart them. It is
necessary to put aside the political power struggle for the survival of
the country and security of the nation and to deal with the immediate
danger by working together with the armed forces, but the practical
situation is that all the politicians and political parties have focused on
gaining or maintaining power. The speed with which internal and
external terrorists are attacking Pakistan’s security, the nation should
be prepared to eliminate them with many times more diligence.
Political parties should be more concerned about the country than the
chair. (Jang)

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